Portrait - Amanda Lewis, Editor

This was my first portrait, a few years ago, and I am still so pleased with how it turned out. My Editor Amanda Lewis, when she was at Knopf, Penguin Random House Canada asked for some tree bits to be included as she is an ENT. If you haven't read Tolkien, they're a race of beings with tree-like features. She said she was particularly fond of West Coast Cedar.

Research often takes me on tangents. In this case I discovered that, despite the fact that cedar repels most moths, there are a few that lay their eggs on them. I love discovering these odd relationships in nature and then sewing this additional information into my illustrations.

Amanda was thrilled with the portrait. Here is a picture of her holding it just before one of our epic editorial meetings for White as Milk, Red as Blood. She's brilliant and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with her on such an important and meaningful project. Then to be asked to illustrate her portrait, the portrait of someone so keenly attuned to nature, that was a double honor.

Amanda is currently tracking all 43 GIANTS on BC's Big Tree Registry. You can follow along on her Instagram!

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