Waterloo Express (A-List, House of Anansi)

I am a horse once in a while
and run like thundering barrels for whatever horizon
offers itself.
                       —Paulette Jiles from the poem Horses, Waterloo Express

A tangle of black calligraphy,
taut as a telephone cord during an important call.
                       —Paulette Jiles from the poem Blacksnake, Waterloo Express

I recently had the great thrill of illustrating the cover for Paulette Jiles' incredible book Waterloo Express. There were so many beautiful words to work with in this book, it was hard to pick a direction! I ended up with about 50 roughs at my first pass which I had to whittle down to just a teeny, tiny handful. I'm so pleased with the final result and so thankful to my lovely, brilliant Editor Maria Golikova for another gorgeous A-List cover!

You can order a copy of Waterloo Express here!

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