Fierce (Scholastic)

Last summer I had the great pleasure of illustrating Fierce: Women Who Shaped Canada by Lisa Dalrymple for Scholastic.

From the Publisher: "Celebrate the accomplishments and heroics of the overlooked heroes of Canadian history, with inspiring tales of ten women who were integral to our national legacy, and whose stories have not been told . . . until now!"
The women include Marguerite de la Roque, Ttha’naltther, Catherine Schubert, Charlotte Small, Alice Freeman (AKA Faith Fenton), Lucile Hunter, Ada Annie Jordan (AKA Cougar Annie), Victoria Cheung, Mona Parsons, and Joan Bamford Fletcher.

Below are a few of the interior illustrations. From L-->R: Marguerite, Ttha’naltther, Lucile, Catherine, and Cougar Annie.

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